React developers vs. cotton pickers


Opinion Piece

React makes developers cotton pickers?

Component based cotton picking?

Caution: You are entering the land of biases.

According to this article, react is the framework that brings the mythical man month to life.

Frankly… there are no words to describe the potential harm this short article deals to the software community. I am stunned. So stunned, I can’t even bring myself to deal with the most blatant problem with this analogy, which is the segment of society represented by “cotton pickers”. And further, that developers are implied as being equivalent with this group, specifically the condition they found themselves in at that time in history. And that we should be proudly proclaming any of this and heralding it as a good thing!?

Suffice it to say, we do not endorse this line of thinking. Software is not like cotton picking. No one should have been subjected to such a profession. Thank heavens technology had a solution, though it had little to do with what redeemed the original industry. That, dear readers, was the undeterred human spirit coupled with a divine understanding of the human condition and the innate value of all mankind.

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