Our Passion

We have a passion for envisioning, designing, and building solutions to real-world problems in a variety of industries, environments, and problem domains.

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Our Drive

There are many things that drive us, and we find it important to focus on what we're passionate about in order to achieve our dreams. Here are some reasons we exist.

We exist to make software sustainable

Our goal is to make software sustainable for everyone involved. To us, that means two things:

  • Build a process that can be repeated indefinitely
  • Write code that is flexible and can be evolved easily

Sustainable Process

The most important aspect of a sustainable process is repeatability. In particular, it must be repeatable indefinitely without exhaustion or attrition. A process that causes exhaustion in its participants only hurts everyone involved. In contrast, a process that does not cause exhaustion frees up its participants to achieve higher levels of success, and even pursue continuous improvement without burnout or frustration.

There are several factors that can lead to such a process, but we've adopted the following core principles:

  • Invest in the moment, instead of the future
  • Iterate quickly to minimize failure
  • Promote team autonomy and accountability
  • Collect metrics (at the team level) and measure improvement
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Be flexible and experimental
  • Adopt popular practices
  • Indiscriminately eliminate waste

Sustainable Code

The most important aspect of sustainable code is cost. Cost shows up in various forms in almost every aspect of the development process. Bad code, aging architecture, and inflexible products are examples of high cost. Maintainable code, modern architecture, and customizable products are examples of low cost.

In order to minimize cost, we've developed the following habits:

  • View code as a liability
  • Write code (by hand) only when absolutely necessary
  • Obsess over code quality and aesthetics
  • Reduce complexity in real-time by refactoring continuously
  • Add configurability at the code level and use settings (e.g. knobs) only when necessary
  • Design less, explore more
  • Talk less, demonstrate more
  • Deliver continuously
  • Build frameworks instead of products

We exist to create amazing products

We love our job. The reason we love our job is because we get to create. Creating software products people use to improve their lives, make tasks easier, and spend less time on things that don't matter gives us a deep sense of purpose and job satisfaction. You should expect no less of us, and it should be fairly obvious what benefits come with that.

When we talk about amazing products, here are some things we think of:

  • Truly breathtaking user interfaces
  • Well thought out and intuitive user experience
  • Tools that make complex tasks extremely simple
  • Technical capabilities that are mind-bogglingly cool and darn useful
  • Managed complexity
  • Code that just works, every time, forever

We exist to solve difficult problems

While a visually stunning user interface is eye-catching, our primary purpose is in solving actual problems. Because we are engineers, and not just developers, the problems we choose to solve matter. There are many endeavors within the software realm that aim to "make a quick buck" or "knock off such-and-such", in some cases without even realizing or admitting it. These are not the types of problems we are driven by.

Here are some examples of problems that interest us:

  • Managing vast amounts of real-time streaming data and turning it into visual information
  • Aggregating data trapped in legacy systems and making it accessible to the entire organization
  • Creating a complex fabric of interconnected systems using single-purpose services, elegant protocols, and commodity hardware
  • Providing industries such as Health Care, Finance, and Security with cutting edge competitive advantage

We exist to meet real needs

This company was founded with the purpose and intent to meet actual, verifiable, legitimate needs in the software realm. This led us to challenge the status quo and think about what it means to solve problems, build software, and sell products. The conclusion we came to is that people (not companies, organizations, or unnamed entities) want their needs met, and are willing to pay for it. On the flip side, people do not want to be sold something they don't need, and they definitely don't want to be asked to pay a premium on top for what they really need.

This led us to embrace the following motivations:

  • Focus on problems, not products
  • Do user research and solicit constant feedback
  • Develop tailored solutions
  • Boast a client-centric development process
  • Foster a partnership with each client
  • Put your partner in the driver's seat
  • Provide value throughout the process

We exist to fill the gap

The truth is, there are many companies to choose from when looking for talent to create software and build solutions. So why choose us?

If you've made it this far, thanks for sticking with us.

We believe that the reasons we exist set us apart from the market today in your choice of technology partner. We also believe that the software product market has a large gap to fill when it comes to sustainability, quality, and the ability to deliver tailored solutions, not to mention customer service.

Here are some of the gaps we believe we fill that set us apart:

  • We are a software company with vision
  • We put your needs first, and don't charge extra for it
  • We place a premium on quality, from presentation to code and everything in between
  • We practice a process that is truly sustainable
  • We organizationally believe in giving you exceptional service, not just our support staff

While there are many good choices, you should ultimately choose based on your needs and the value being provided, not just on marketing banter and a slick sales presentation.

If you want to learn more about us, or meet with us for a free consultation, please use the Contact Us link below.

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